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Carpet cleaning and restoration

SERVPRO Provides Professional Cleaning Services

SERVPRO's IICRC-certified cleaning and restoration technicians offer various cleaning and restoration services for your property. Including carpet and upholstery cleaning to help prevent losses and improve the lifespan of many materials. We can provide everything from routine carpet maintenance to complete renovation.

Smoke residues inside a utility room.

Fire and Smoke Residues in Mastic

SERVPRO technicians respond to a call about fire damage in a utility room. Smoke and fire residues spread into the ventilation system from the furnace. Our team had to demo the utility room and provide cleaning and deodorization services throughout the home.

Waste exposure in an unfinished basement.

Storm Damage Comes In Many Forms

A local storm caused a pipe to burst. As a result, waste made its way into the unfinished basement, causing contamination and damage to personal belongings stored within. SERVPRO technicians answer your call immediately, providing all the personnel, equipment, and services required to regain control of your living environment.

Open ceiling cavity with water stains, wet ceiling joists, and insulation

Remediating Multi-Floor Smithtown Water Damage

In this photo, a water-stained ceiling cavity is part of a larger problem: an upper floor radiator pipe broke, damaging the main and lower levels in this Smithtown home. SERVPRO techs are equipped to remediate moisture and perform necessary repairs.

Office with removed ceiling tiles and exposed wall framing

Smithtown Office Commercial Cleanup from Trained Techs

Trained SERVPRO technicians mitigated water damage to this Smithtown medical office after a sprinkler line break that flooded the building. After removing unsalvageable materials like ceiling tiles and soggy drywall, SERVPRO can focus on drying and rebuilding.

Medical office lobby with collapsed ceiling tiles and signs of water saturation on carpeting

Addressing Smithtown Medical Office Sprinkler Water Damage

After the Smithtown medical office in this photo had a sprinkler line break, SERVPRO was called to inspect the damage. The reception area in this photo was saturated. Multiple ceiling tiles collapsed and crumbled on the carpet and furnishings.

Room with hardwood floors and artwork on the wall by SERVPRO water damage equipment

Fast Action Saves Glen Head Walls and Floors

Heavy rains brought water into this Glen Head property. The homeowner brought in SERVPRO to remove the water and dry the walls and floors. Because the cleanup started so quickly, moisture did not have a chance to wick into the walls or ruin the flooring. 

Basement with standing water and household contents

East Northport Basement Gets Hit with Storm Damage Mini-Flood

This East Northport basement received the effects of floodwater and a mere inch of water resulted in the entire basement getting cleared out. SERVPRO technicians needed to remove the room contents, perform a controlled demo on the walls and extract the water and set up drying equipment throughout the worksite.

Crawlspace with water debris and ductwork

Bay Shore Crawlspace Needs Water Damage Assistance from SERVPRO

Imagine looking in your Bay Shore crawlspace and seeing widespread water damage. SERVPRO technicians used their extraction and drying equipment to assist this homeowner in attaining a clean, dry crawlspace. 

SERVPRO technician holding moisture detection equipment over a carpet

SERVPRO Uses Professional Equipment During Restoration Services in Northport

The photo shows a SERVPRO tech using moisture detection equipment on a carpeted floor in a Northport property with water damage. The device assists the tech in pinpointing the areas of the room that water has migrated within.

Person in boots standing in water in a basement

East Northport Basement Needs Help with Standing Water Damage

Floodwater entered this East Northport basement and left behind over an inch of standing water. The homeowner brought in SERVPRO techs to extract the water, dry it, and disinfect the basement. The techs removed the wet items for inspection to see which had restoration potential for reuse.

Business floor with standing water on tile

Hauppauge Business Gets Help with Storm Damage from SERVPRO

The floor in this Hauppauge commercial property had standing water from heavy rains. SERVPRO technicians arrived quickly to extract the water and dry the property. The use of moisture detection equipment assisted the techs in plotting the migration path of the water. 

Ceiling with a water stain

Nesconset Leaking Roof Leaves Water Damage

The ceiling shown gives the first hint that there is a water damage problem in this Nesconset home. SERVPRO techs have the training to extract the water and dry the structure to preserve as much of the structure as possible.

SERVPRO moisture detection equipment on a tile floor

Nesconset Water Damage Gets Detailed Attention from SERVPRO

There is no wondering if the water damage in this Nesconset home seeped under the tile or flooring. SERVPRO techs have the professional equipment to determine the migration path of the water in the home so nothing gets left behind.

Kitchen with plastic-covered table, chairs and countertops

Manorville Smoke Damage Cleanup by SERVPRO

A puffback incident in this Manorville home left behind a house filled with soot and smoke odor. SERVPRO technicians covered the furnishings and countertops to leave things in place during the fire damage cleanup to stop soot from getting embedded.

SERVPRO equipment in commercial property on tile floor

Hauppauge Commercial Water Removal and Restoration Overnight

Commercial water damage does not wait until the most convenient time and SERVPRO handled water cleanup in this Hauppauge office late at night. The technicians bring every piece of equipment they will need and set up an organized approach for the best outcome, every time.

SERVPRO green service vans parked in front of a fire department building

Commack Fire Department Gets Cleanup from SERVPRO

After the construction of an updated Commack Fire Department building, the structure needed cleanup of the leftover construction materials. SERVPRO techs arrived quickly to remove the debris and clean the building so it was ready for use by the first responders.

SERVPRO moisture detection equipment in front of wet sheetrock

Islip Terrace Water Damage Cleanup

SERVPRO techs arrived at this Islip Terrace home to find water damage in the boiler room. Using their moisture detection equipment, they can accurately trace the migration path of the water to ensure it all gets extracted and dried thoroughly. 

SERVPRO techs in PPE on metal staircase

Detailed and Thorough Commercial Cleaning in Smithtown

This facility in Smithtown is getting its regular weekly commercial cleaning from SERVPRO. The techs wear personal protective gear to avoid any cross-contamination and use their professional-grade cleaning agents including biocides and antimicrobial solutions. Afterward they can test the surfaces to ensure no bacterial elements exist. 

Dining Room with SERVPRO drying equipment on hardwood floor

Drying Dining Room Water Damage With Limited Disruption in Huntington

When SERVPRO techs handled water damage extraction in a Huntington dining room, the techs moved only the items that were in the way for water removal and drying purposes. The hardwood floorboards were wet so the techs used drying mats to remove the moisture rapidly.

SERVPRO tech with soot-covered wall

East Northport Fire Damage Cleanup Needed for Both Structure and Contents

This East Northport home had the unfortunate luck to have a puffback happen. The resulting soot coming through the vents in the home needed the attention of the professional fire damage restoration from SERVPRO. The techs lifted away the majority of the soot on the walls and carefully covered furnishings.

Garage with SERVPRO drying equipment on mats

Port Jefferson Station Garage Needs Drying Out After Storm Damage

Port Jefferson Station heavy rains brought storm damage to this garage. SERVPRO techs arrived rapidly and extracted the water and set up multiple air movers to dry the area quickly. Concrete substrates are sem-porous and some absorption occurs, however the air mover velocity pulls the embedded moisture out. 

 Office with standing water on a rug

Greenlawn Office Needs Commercial Water Damage Cleanup from Standing Water

Greenlawn property owners rely on the professional extraction equipment SERVPRO techs bring on-scene for commercial water damage cleanup. Particularly in cases like this office with standing water. The faster the moisture gets extracted and dried, the better the chance to save structural elements.

Fleet of SERVPRO green service vehicles

Behind Every Great Mitigation in Smithtown is a Great Vehicle

When the technicians from SERVPRO arrive to handle damage in your Smithtown property, they bring every single item they need, including generators, in their green service vehicles. The equipment gets stocked based on the phone call from the property owner for the type of problem they need help with.

Crawl space with SERVPRO drying equipment

Crawl Space with Sewage Needs Fast Cleanup in Bay Shore

How much drying equipment can fit into a Bay Shore crawl space with water damage? SERVPRO techs brought in several air movers plus dehumidification equipment to dry this loss area rapidly after extracting the water. Encapsulation can assist the homeowner in not revisiting this issue in the future.

water damaged property

Commercial Water Damage In Kings Park

When your Kings Park property experiences significant flood damage, you can count on our team! Our specialists will arrive promptly and start our restoration process. Using our advanced equipment, we will restore your property to pre-damage condition. SERVPRO of Greater Smithtown is Faster to Any Size Disaster!

black soot on ceiling of kitchen

Smithtown Soot-Covered Ceiling

Kitchen grease fires are notorious for leaving stickly, blackened soot on ceilings and cabinets. SERVPRO can help our Smithtown neighbor with special dry sponges and solvents to remove the film and hopefully prevent a repainting of the ceiling.

Kitchen with fire damage and debris

Outsource the Fire Damage Cleanup in Your Smithville Kitchen

At first glance, the fire damage in this Smithville kitchen looks overwhelming but with the advanced equipment and cleaning methods used by SERVPRO, they can remove the charred items and restore this kitchen to its preloss condition.

Opened wall with mold damage

Mold Damage Gets ASAP Remediation in Smithville Home

Mold damage will never get better on its own. Once found in your Smithville home it needs multiple approaches to inhibit the growth and spread. SERVPRO technicians removed the sheetrock to open up this wall cavity for drying and set the colonies up for abatement.

Bathroom with solid waste on the tile floor

Sewage Compounds Commercial Water Damage in Smithville Property

When the bathroom in this Smithville business had a backed-up sewage line, the result was bacteria-laden water all over the floor. SERVPRO technicians extracted the water, then dried, disinfected, and deodorized the bathroom.

Attic with particle flooring removed

Storm Damage Needs Multiple Types of Cleanup in Smithville Attic

A roof with storm damage allowed a large amount of water to enter this Smithville attic. SERVPRO techs collected the insulation and removed the ruined building materials to open the areas for complete drying.

rows of air movers in hotel corridor, overhead ducting

Nesconset Hotel Water Loss

Our skilled team from SERVPRO can use advanced drying equipment and rigs to dry out hotels and other high-trafficked guest areas with minimal interruption. Nesconset business owners and managers rely on us for fast and friendly service.

flood cuts on walls, green equipment drying basement that is finished

Storm Reconstruction in Smithtown

Our team of water damage specialists and contractors (General Contractor License #: 51995-H) can remove the water and damaged flooring from this finished basement in Smithtown. We can dry it out and then build it back to its preloss condition.

clean looking material backed warehouse ceiling

Nesconset Fire Cleanup

The great effort by the SERVPRO team wiped down the sooty material that had slightly coated the interior of the Nesconset warehouse. With man-lifts and expertise, it is bright and clean, "Like it never even happened."

puddles of water reflecting of the floor

Smithtown Play Town Flooded

The puddles of water on the carpet in this playtime facility by Smithtown needed rapid water extraction to mitigate the damages. SERVPRO answered the call and removed the water before drying the flooded area.

sewage and debris on tiled floor

St. James Storm Damage

The fecal matter from this backed-up sewage system in St. James needed immediate attention from SERVPRO. Our crew arrived promptly, sprayed an antimicrobial to settle down the contamination, and then proceeded to remove all the unwholesome matter.

machines drying office with no carpet or baseboards, weep holes showing

Nesconset Stormwater Cleanup and Restoration

Our SERVPRO team can remove the water and debris from this office space in Nesconset. The concrete pad is now ready for a new covering, and the weep holes in the walls by the baseboards ensure thorough drying with drainage and warm air circulation.

kitchen damaged by fire and smoke

Fire Damage Repair In St. James

Don’t let a fire damage incident ruin your home! Call the pros at SERVPRO! Our specialists are trained in fire & smoke restoration, odor control, upholstery & fabric cleaning, and water damage restoration. SERVPRO of Greater Smithtown has the experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and the training needed to restore your home to pre-damage condition.

Basement with shelves that have items

Ronkonkoma Basement with Severe Storm Damage

When it rained it poured in Ronkonkoma and left nine inches of water standing in this basement. SERVPRO techs arrived quickly and extracted the water and removed the sheetrock, glue-down carpet and insulation as a loss. Once dry they cleaned the items in the basement to ready them for reuse.

visibly burned ceiling and debris on sink counter area

Kitchen Fire in St. James

A range fire spread quickly to the ceiling, cabinets, and appliances in this St. James home, but luckily no one was injured.  Then, SERVPRO of Greater Smithtown was called in to remove the charred debris and mitigate the damage, preventing the circulation of odors.  The owner couldn't believe how quickly and completely we were able to clean the soot from the walls and ceiling. We make disasters "Like it never even happened."

A SERVPRO employee with a white hazmat suit on.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Smithtown Facilities.

Like other types of jobs, when cleaning and applying a disinfectant to this 100,000 square foot facility, SERVPRO technicians wore appropriate personal protective clothing (PPE). This practice reduced cross-contamination between the work area and the clean area of this property. PPE blocks contact between the skin and potential contaminants to ensure the health and safety of our technicians. It also prevents the transfer and spread of pathogens to street clothing, restricting the spread of any viral infection when we leave a property.

Subfloor with SERVPRO drying equipment

Water Damage in Kings Park Basement

Water damage containing sewage is one of the most serious types of loss that can happen in a Kings Park home. A toilet overflowed and because water seeped into the subfloor, the tile flooring required removal for cleanup and restoration services.

Basement with wet contents in the floor

Storm Damage Cleanup in East Islip Basement

Storm damage hit an East Islip basement with significant water loss. The homeowner had one-inch of water in an unfinished basement used primarily for storage. SERVPRO techs extracted the water and removed the wet contents for cleaning and drying in another area.

SERVPRO techs working on commercial water damage in shower

Happauge Shower Brings Serious Commercial Water Damage

A sewage backup in the private shower for the VP of this company resulted in commercial water damage that flooded half of the Happauge building. SERVPRO techs extracted the water and cleaned and disinfected the shower area to make it sanitary for reuse.

Room with carpet removed and SERVPRO equipment

Smithtown Laundry Room Leaves Large Amount of Water Damage

Water damage in the immediate area that spread into the hallway and den. SERVPRO techs extracted the water, removed the sheetrock and carpet as a water loss and set up drying equipment.

Kitchen with plastic covering and pizza box and drinks on the center island

Kings Park Water Damage

A Kings Park kitchen had water damage plus sewage when a pipe under the floating floor leaked. The techs carefully removed the bamboo floorboards so the subfloor could dry. They also used heavy plastic sheeting to protect the cabinets from cross-contamination during mitigation.

the burned back wall, fire debris-filled countertop, and plaster from the wall

Kitchen Fire Damage in Smithtown

Look at this significantly fire-damaged kitchen in a Smithtown home. Besides a controlled demolition of the non-salvageable materials, our SERVPRO crew began setting up hydroxyl generators to grapple with the mal-odors caused by the blaze. This process took several days, but our customers were delighted with the outcome!

Handwritten Testimonial

Personal Testimonial

We received this personal note after responding to a water heater issue that flooded a finished basement.  These kind words are so appreciated and we are happy to alleviate a stressful situation.

It says: Thanks once again for the wonderful job your company performed at our home in NY. We appreciate your kindness and professionalism.

Collage of photos showing water soaked walls and walls with the drywall removed

Water Damage

This family had a burst pipe in the ceiling of their finished basement. The photo on the left shows the ceiling buckling due to the water and moisture. The photo on the right shows after when we removed the damaged.

Bathroom with toilet and pipes in wall exposed

An Undetected Leak in a Pipe Caused Mold

When remodeling a bathroom, this family discovered mold behind a section of the wall as it was removed.  SERVPRO of Greater Smithtown was called in to clean up.  The home owner was very pleased that we were able to remove the mold and he could continue on with his remodeling.  

collage of photos showing oil on walls and floors

Oil Leak

This customer had an oil leak from her burner. SERVPRO of Greater Smithtown was called and we were able to remove the odor form her home.  This photo shows before and after of the cleanup of the oil spill.

Frozen Pipe Burst in Smithtown, NY

This home had a pipe break in the ceiling.  Before we remove the ceiling we protect homeowners contents by covering in plastic to protect from falling drywall.  This also protects personal property from any dust in the air that may settle.    

basement with bottom 4 feet of framing exposed and male employee using a shopvac

Final Cleanup

A beautiful finished basement had a water intrusion, which had caused mold growth.  Mold remediation protocol requires us to remove the  affected drywall, insulation, and flooring.  Technicians vacuum each stud and the surrounding areas to make sure there is no debris on the floor, before they are ready to rebuild the customer's home.

moisture reading at worksite

Moisture Readings Monitor Progress on the Drying Plan

When we arrive at a home with water damage, the SERVPRO teams always takes moisture readings.  This monitors progress and ensures that the property is drying at a consistent rate or if any area requires additional attention.  Our crew continues to assess the progress of the drying process throughout the project, and the mitigation plan is explained thoroughly to the homeowner.

Green SERVPRO van in front of a white brick wall

Even Our Vehicles are SERVPRO Clean!

SERVPRO of Greater Smithtown is always adding new vehicles to our fleet, like this ProMaster van.  It can hold portable equipment such as dehumidifiers and air movers, and a surprising amount of specialty drying equipment for any type of  job.  Whether it's a van, box truck, or sales car, we keep it SERVPRO clean!